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Behind the scenes of Vondel

June 7, 2023

Behind the scences of Vondel

By : the Call of Duty Staff

A new medium-sized Warzone map, seven new Multiplayer maps (with six at launch), four new armaments and an infamous (masked) face… This is Season 04 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II and Warzone.

Al Mazrah, Urzikstan, Ashika Island, Las Almas . . . and now, Vondel.

The waterfront district of a Baroque European city where centuries of old-world history blends with modern architectural developments, Vondel saw a complete evacuation due to an imminent attack threat, right as Operators descended into the darkness of the Al Mazrah Koschei Complex during a fierce sandstorm at the culmination of Season 03.

While Vondel is a brand-new locale for Operators to explore, the ensuing chaos is part of a plan activated by a familiar and infamous masked figure, whose forces are operating in both Al Mazrah and Vondel. Peer through the dust clouds, and you’ll recognize the apparent leader of these unknown forces:

His name is Nikto. And he’s ready to Run This Town.

New Map: Vondel

Set your coordinates for an all-new map and Exclusion Zone.

Size-wise, Vondel’s geographical footprint is between Al Mazrah and Ashika Island, welcoming up to 18 Operators for DMZ and 72 Operators for Resurgence game modes. Expect a mixture of densely-packed urban streets and canals, larger structures to fully explore (inside and out), a large degree of verticality and the means to counter those that take advantage of it, including parkour routes and numerous secrets to discover.

Developed by Beenox, Vondel features 15 distinct points of interest, including a medieval Castle dating back to Saxon times, an abandoned Zoo, a Greek Revival–styled City Hall, and a soccer Stadium currently set up for an epic paintball tournament final. There are also densely packed town houses, small alleyway cafés, and a variety of other locales to explore and take tactical advantage of.

However, Vondel’s unique topography and access points are focused around its intricate canal system. In addition to several different road types and bridges, Operators can dive (or even drive) into the water surrounding Vondel’s islands and city streets, or use watercraft and a new amphibious vehicle to get around this tight cityscape.

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