QA associate project lead

  • Full-time
  • Québec
  • Posted 2 years ago

Job description

The QA Associate Project Lead is directly responsible for guiding a team of QA Testers through the functionality testing and/or 1st party compliance testing of an Activision product.  The QA Associate Project Lead will be the main point of contact between Production staff, Development teams, and other Activision QA teams.

Main tasks

Project management

  • Communicates with Development and Production teams to provide recommendations on compliant game functionality and/or technical requirements;
  • Creates and maintains all project related checklists;
  • Completes milestone assessment reports at Alpha & Beta in accordance with QA policies;
  • Identifies and documents requirements in a clear and concise manner using the assigned bug tracking databases;
  • Creates informative and accurate daily reports and ensures distribution to designated production and management staff;
  • Develop effective test plans and perform standards testing on console games to verify proper function, data content, performance, usability/playability, and hardware/software compatibility;
  • Administers the defect report database and other platform associated databases;
  • Manages proper closure of all assigned projects and ensures all final code and documentation are properly archived;
  • Assists in special projects, such as demonstrations, training, surveys, focus groups, etc.;
  • Assists in forming and improving QA systems and procedures.

Managing and mentoring

  • Supervises the test team on a daily basis to ensure rapid and accurate completion of assigned tasks;
  • Actively evaluates tester performance and works closely with them to alleviate any issues that arise;
  • Prepares testers for additional responsibilities, such as Senior QA Testers;
  • Participate in QA Tester interviews and contributes to hiring decisions.

Database administration

  • Reviews all issues entered by the test teams to ensure bug reports include required information and conform to Activision QA standards;
  • Reviews all disputed (‘Not a Bug,’ ‘Will Not Fix,’ & ‘Duplicate’) issues with Senior QA Project Lead;
  • Updates the database after each bug sweep.

Technical requirements

  • Proficient with Devtrack & Jira or similar bug tracking database;
  • Able to identify defects in software titles and report defects in a clear and concise manner;
  • Capacity to create and implement innovative testing procedures and materials;
  • Strong working knowledge of most popular console platforms and related peripherals, PC Software/hardware, and Microsoft Office (Outlook, Word, Excel);
  • Has been in a leadership role (Senior QA Tester and/or Acting QA Project Lead).

Non-technical requirements

  • At least 1 year of experience working as Sr. Tester and/or Floor Lead in the Activision QA Department or in a comparable Quality Assurance department;
  • Excellent written/spoken English;
  • Strong leadership ability;
  • Ability to handle high pressure situations and prioritize multiple tasks;
  • Must possess excellent spoken and written communication skills and be able to work with varied staff members and personalities;
  • Must be honest, punctual, and have a strong work ethic;
  • Able to work in a team environment;
  • Actively communicates a positive, outgoing approach to Quality Assurance.  Able to give and accept positive as well as negative feedback;
  • Must be an avid gamer, with interests in many different genres of games and a passion for developing high quality games;
  • A strong desire to learn and understand the technologies involved in game creation;
  • Demonstrable ability to work with and help mentor new testers.

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